Etheric Therapy

A unique therapy that uses an etheric weaver combined with messages from the beautiful angels as it works to calm, heal and align the soul. The weaver is a healing tool used for healing and meditation and to assist in reconnecting you to your higher self.

Etheric Therapy can be used to assist with any issues whether physical or emotional. It can also be used if you feel a little out of sorts, as a general pick me up or if you are feeling completely overwhelmed as it simply helps you to reconnect to your soul by clearing blocks from your etheric body and re-awakening our inner light, it also assists in aligning your chakras.

The weaver is a beautiful tool made of clear quartz crystal with pyramid cut ends, colour in the centre along with earth magnets on either side of the crystal and all wrapped up in a copper wire lovingly handcrafted by Shambala monks.

As the Etheric Weaver contains magnets it cannot be used within 6 feet of a person fitted with a pacemaker or any other form of electrical implant or device for medical reasons. Distance healing can be done safely if this affects you.

The number of sessions needed varies for each person. I recommend starting with one session and then being aware of how you feel over the forthcoming weeks. If you feel you would benefit from a further session please contact me.


Etheric Therapy in-person sessions include a full body Etheric Therapy session followed by a 1-card angel card reading. I will pass on any messages the angels may have for you either during or after the session. Sessions are approx. 55 minutes for adults and 35-45 minutes for children.


Etheric Therapy distance healing are a 25-minute session consisting of Etheric Therapy (using the etheric weaver over your name) and a one-card angel card reading. At the end of the session I will send an email to explain what I felt and pass on any messages from the angels as well as your card reading.

If you wish to book this session please send me your name by email and I will connect to you energetically at an agreed date and time to begin the healing, using the etheric weaver over your name.

If you would like to find out more about an Etheric Therapy session please call me or go to our Testimonials page to read how other clients have found this therapy.

For further information, to book a session or to check availability please call on 07961 203 541 or by email to:


Adult 55 minutes £60

Child 35-45 minutes £40-£50


Adult/Child 1 x 25 minutes £25

Contact Info: Waheeda  07961 203541  Email:

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