"very gentle yet unbelievably powerful"

"an absolute God send for us"

"my very own angel"

"a worthwhile investment in your happiness"

"her love is unconditional  "

"I highly recommend Waheeda's Etheric Therapy Sessions, they are very gentle yet unbelievably powerful at the same time! By nature Waheeda is a very loving, nurturing, caring and compassionate counsellor and healer, she will have empathy for you whilst remaining professional and in control of the session. If you are looking for a graceful shift to occur in your body, mind, heart or any particular area of your life, and you feel guided to have a session, you will not be disappointed. This will be a worthwhile investment in your happiness! With Love and Gratitude for all that you do and all that you are!" Sabi, Hertfordshire

"I have never really heard of Etheric Therapy or Angel healing until I took my 15 month old daughter to see Waheeda. Aliza was suffering from tummy pains and lack of sleep. We had taken her to the doctors but they were not really able to help and I was really at my wits end. I spoke to Waheeda about Aliza and I have to admit I was quite sceptical because I didn't have a clue about this kind of healing. Waheeda treated Aliza and found her suffering from severe constipation. During the treatment she was able to clear the blockages. I was absolutely amazed at the results. Aliza has never felt better.  She has not had a painful tummy since seeing Waheeda. I can't recommend Waheeda enough. She was an absolute God send for us." Tranum, Essex

"I have known Waheeda a long time and while I was aware she had been practicing some kind of therapy I really didn’t pay it that much attention, that was until a social event resulted in me confiding in her completely out of the blue and telling her about an internal battle I have struggled to come to terms with for a number of years. She explained about Etheric Therapy, Angel Healing and the seven Chakras and showed me the crystal (etheric weaver) she uses as part of her healing. Because I trusted Waheeda and did not feel pressured by her, I agreed for her to use the crystal on me. I kept an open mind during my first healing session but was surprised by how Waheeda was able to identify precisely where the blockages were which were stopping me from moving forward, not only with what I had told her but also with other aspects of my life. I related to everything she told me about myself. After a couple of sessions I was able to take my first step towards dealing with a lot of the pain and anger that I had been unable to come to terms with for so long. I regularly talk to the Angels, asking for help and guidance and have noticed a new calmness that I have not had before as well as a new way of approaching situations. Waheeda continues to help me and I trust her completely – thank you for being there for me!" Amanda, London

"I have known Waheeda for about 10 years and she has always had a soft loving compassionate energy about her. We lost touch for about 6 years but when her husband Steve (also the same energy) discovered my mum had a stroke via Facebook he told Waheeda who immediately got in touch.

Waheeda offered to do healing on mum and constantly kept in touch to find out how she was doing without me prompting her. She also offered to do healing on my dad who is healthy but has a few anger issues.

Since the healings Mum has fully recovered and Dad is definitely a lot calmer. I have no hesitation in recommending Waheeda as a healer and life coach. Her love is unconditional." Sandy, London

"I was always a little bit sceptical about his sort of thing, but after meeting Waheeda she put me at ease instantly and I felt calm and reassured in her company.

As a healer she has helped me find what I really need, I can't recommend her enough. 

She has helped me to find what really mattered and as a result a relationship I thought was over is now stronger than ever and we are both very happy once again! Unbelievable results." Melanie, London

"Waheeda and I met at a social gathering and instantly I felt a unique bond of serenity with her but wasn’t aware she did any healing. Two years later, we were at another social gathering and I was totally exhausted but my eyes were attracted to the crystal (etheric weaver) she wore and that was when I found where she got her peacefulness and calmness.

I asked if she would use the crystal on me because I knew I could trust her and I felt safe with her. I instantly felt strange but with a good feeling in me. I have always been thinking and worrying about anything and everybody except myself, which also led to lack of sleep. To my surprise, a couple of hours later in the presence of a full house I found myself in a deep sleep and Waheeda, my very own angel, was sitting next to me. From our first session, although I did not tell her anything about my needs, she must have obviously read through me and understood exactly what I needed.

I then told her my younger son gets very anxious during his exams and I wondered if there was anything that could be done to help. She said leave it to her and I just has to tell her when his exams were and I did. To my surprise, he was so relaxed and no teenage grunting for the entire week, he was happy and this reflected in his grades, he was so pleased with himself.

A very close friend was devastated earlier this year when her husband was diagnosed as terminally ill and with the help of Waheeda, I managed to have the strength to be there for her. Strangely one evening I desperately needed to speak to Waheeda and she assisted me to ask the Angels to help, we said a prayer and instantly the feeling of calm and strength came to me. Within 20 minutes of hanging up the phone, my friend’s husband was sent to rest.

Although, most of our communication has been distant, she has taught me how to use the Angel guidance and meditation to help calm and focus on my needs, however, as I can feel that she is my personal Angel, I do text and call on her for help and guidance when needed." Zeni, Hertfordshire

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