The best resolution?

The new year is well underway and you may or may not have made one resolution or a whole list of resolutions. Perhaps one of the best resolutions I've found is a very simple one and it is to simply be yourself. If you're not sure where to start then here's a starting point;

- Be kind to yourself and to others

Being kind to yourself is important because we often put ourselves last. Being kind to yourself is accepting that sometimes we may not always make the right decison and not giving yourself a hard time about it. Belittling, negating or judging yourself is not helpful and it is certainly not kind. Treat yourself how you would treat others, if you make a mistake then just tell yourself you did what felt right at the time. Thank yourself for the experience and take away what you need to so you can make a more informed decision next time.

And of course being kind to others follows being kind to yourself.

More suggestions to follow soon!

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