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I Am More - my book is coming out very soon. Here's a little snippet below of what I'm currently working on;

Initially I was reluctant to write my story and when my doubts kicked in I found myself asking 'who am I to write this book?' I felt as though I hadn't had an extreme-enough experience which was worth writing about such as near-death or losing everything that mattered to me.

So I had to go deeper to discover my truth and when I thought about it I could say I had nearly lost it all in a struggle to simply be myself. I lost many things along the way and the most important thing I ever lost was myself; fragment by fragment I lost a little more of myself growing up every day and quietly fitting in with other people's ideas and ideals of what I should and shouldn't be. Had I continued on this path of being everything for everyone I wouldn't have had very much of my true self left today.

I finally had the answer and it was stronger then any of the feelings I'd ever had before. It was very simple and whichever way I looked at it or said it to myself, it was the truth;

Who am I to not write this book?

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