Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis downloads or sessions are an easy way to access the subconscious mind and to alter behaviour that is no longer working for you on any level.


A selection of self-hypnosis downloads* are available, simply click the button below and you can browse over 200 self-hypnosis MP3 downloads. These have been created by qualified hypnosis professionals and are competitively priced. Each hypnosis download has a 'play sample' button if you'd like to hear an extract (which start after a short introduction).

I have used a few of these myself ('Great Night's Sleep Every Night' and 'Headache & Migraine Relief'), both of which I was very impressed with. It is such a simple yet effective idea with a very small investment. 

*Hypnosis Downloads-Further Info

Each hypnosis download is around 35-40 minutes long. You do not need headphones to listen, I prefer to listen to them without headphones so just choose whatever works best for you. You choose how often you listen although I would recommend 3-5 times in the first week and then whenever you feel you need to. Listen to them at a time when you won't be disturbed to get the full benefit. These downloads have been recorded by a qualified Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner and are available to download as soon as you have completed your order.

Contact Info: Waheeda  07961 203541  Email: waheeda@iamore.co.uk

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