A Few Words About Me

The phrase 'I Am More' was a fleeting thought I first had when I was around ten years old. I was walking with my Mother through a busy market place on a Saturday morning, a task that should have taken around thirty minutes. However as my Mother kept on stopping every few minutes to speak to yet another friend or 'Auntie' it took a lot longer. Every time we stopped I was introduced as the youngest daughter and after the fifth time it dawned on me that yes, I am the youngest daughter but I was so much more than that.    

As I grew up I became surrounded by other people's expectations of me and I inherited a whole host of labels of who I was supposed to be and what was expected of me. As this happened over and over again, the phrase 'I Am More' became recurrent in my life throughout my teens and into my adult life. By my late 20's I found myself drifting further and further away from my true self, in fact I was almost unrecognisable.


Now many years later I've managed to re-connect with my true path and finally live my life and my purpose. I have created 'I Am More' to help others realise their own truth, potential and to honour and be true to themselves. I believe that there is a light inside all of us and even if it dims or brightens depending on your circumstances, it never ever goes out.


Just as a young girl I realised all those years ago that I was more than those labels that had been bestowed upon me or that I'd chosen to take on, more than my physical body and certainly much more than how people perceived or judged me.


Having spent most of my life battling to be my true self, my path is to assist as many people as possible with aligning you to your higher self so you can shine your light as brightly as you can every single day and be the real you that you were born to be without fear of not fitting in with others, judgements and labels.


Having spent the last ten years studying spirituality I am certified in numerous areas and ready to serve in the best and highest possible way to make our wonderful world a better place.


Our current location is a short bus ride away from Barking Station & Goodmayes Station. Alternatively both stations are approx. 25 minutes walk. Full location details will be given upon booking.

Barking Station (District, Hammersmith & City, London Overground from Gospel Oak, C2C from Fenchurch Street) / Goodmayes Station (TfL Rail from Liverpool Street & Stratford).


Please feel free to call me on 07961 203 541 or send me an email to waheeda@iamore.co.uk

Contact Info: Waheeda  07961 203541  Email: waheeda@iamore.co.uk

Reconnecting you to your higher self   Be More, Be You  www.iamore.co.uk

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