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At  I Am More  I am dedicated to helping you find your true self. In a world where we are labelled in nearly every area of our lives it is often difficult to remember who we truly are and to speak our truth gracefully. We may forget that we are more than our job title, more than our physical body and more than our family or cultural titles. I would love to guide you to clear anything blocking you from being your true self and helping you to hear your intuition clearly everyday whilst strengthening your natural connection with the universe. I would be honored to work with you if you feel I can assist you in person or by distance. May you be blessed with love and light always. Love Waheeda x x x

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Contact Info: Waheeda  07961 203541  Email: waheeda@iamore.co.uk

Reconnecting you to your higher self   Be More, Be You  www.iamore.co.uk

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